Braces for Kids in Chicago | A Quick Guide for Parents

After frequent visits from the tooth fairy and your child’s adult smile begins to take shape, you may wonder if braces are in his or her future. Here are the basics when it comes to thinking about your child’s braces in the Chicago metro.

The Need for Braces

First, a visit to the dentist is required to determine whether your child needs braces, and why. While many choose braces for cosmetic reasons, oftentimes there is a larger need at hand. A good dentist will be able to identify a need for braces.

Locate Orthodontic Records

In order to make a comprehensive treatment plan, your dentist or orthodontist will need to examine your child’s dental records. These records guide your child’s treatment plan and can help forecast the appearance of your child’s teeth after braces.

Oral Care with Braces

Brushing and flossing become more complicated with braces. Care must be given to brush each wire and tooth when your child has braces.

When flossing, choose a waxed floss, as it is less likely to unravel. Then, thread the floss between each bracket and floss each tooth. While this is a time-consuming process, it’s absolutely vital to maintaining your child’s oral health during orthodontic treatment.

Your Child’s Diet with Braces

Now, your child’s diet doesn’t need to drastically change while he or she has braces. However, some foods must be avoided. Specifically, hard and sticky candy can damage your child’s braces, not to mention being bad for oral hygiene in general. Stringy and tough meats can also be difficult to clean from the structure of braces. Hard, raw vegetables and crunchy nuts and seeds should probably be avoided as well, as these can damage wires and brackets.

Additionally, children experience tenderness with braces, so softer foods may be preferred at this time. Choose foods that benefit oral health, such as steamed or boiled vegetables, tender meats, and softer fruits cut up into bite-sized pieces. Cooked and baked grains are a great idea as well.

What to Do When Braces Are Damaged

Make sure to contact your orthodontist’s office as soon as possible if a brace becomes loose or another structure becomes damaged. Oftentimes, a quick visit to the office is all that’s required to repair the braces.

Braces in Chicago

If you would like to learn more regarding options for braces for your child, contact our office. Dr. Loretta Smith DDS is a pediatric dentist in south Chicago. She is a board-certified pediatric dentist that has been making kids smile and keeping their smiles healthy for years. We specialize in children’s dentistry, teeth cleaning, orthodontics and braces, sealants, cavity treatments and fillings, sedation dentistry, and x rays. Our office serves Chicago and the neighborhoods of Beverly, Orland Park, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, and Ashburn.

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