Dentist for Kids West Chicago | Five Reasons to See a Dentist Now

If you have recently had a child, you may have heard that you can wait up to two years to find a dentist for kids.

The reality is that there are many benefits that come with taking your child to the dentist early and often with a dentist for kids in West Chicago.

Dentist for Kids West Chicago

Reason #1: Knowledge is Power

The dentist can encourage proper chewing form to protect your child’s teeth.

If your child sees a dentist as early as their first tooth growing in you are setting the stage for proper development and hygiene.

Reason #2: Speech Development

Early dentist visits can help with speech development.

If your child’s dentist has noticed a speech impediment they can help provide the dental care and resources to intervene early.

Reason #3: Checking for Space

A dentist can watch baby teeth in order to help provide appropriate space for adult teeth to grow in.

Reason #4: Instilling Good Practices

Early dentist visits can instill a sense of pride in children towards dental health.

If your child is invested in their teeth at an early age they can practice the proper care for their teeth as they age.

Reason #5: Fight the Fear

It is not uncommon for children to have a fear of going to the dentist.

However, if you take your child early and often to see the dentist there is likely less of a chance that they will experience anxiety from the visits.

By visiting the dentist early on you can help teach a level of comfort surrounding the dentist that can help them for the rest of their lives.

Dentist for Kids in West Chicago

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in the West Chicago area look no farther than the professional services offered by Dr. Loretta Smith and her staff.

To learn more about Dr. Smith or to schedule an appointment for your child call them today at (773)445-7777.

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