Kid Dentist Beverly Chicago | Never Ignore White Spots On Teeth

Have you noticed white spots on your baby’s teeth? The best kid dentist in Beverly Chicago can help educate you on what this means and how to treat your child.

There are two main causes for white spots on baby teeth.

Kid Dentist Beverly Chicago


Fluorosis is the most common cause for white spots on baby teeth.

White spots due to fluorosis can occur when a child is getting too much fluoride while their teeth are forming beneath their gums.

How to Prevent Fluorosis

In order to best prevent white spots due to fluorosis you will want to control an over exposure to fluoride for your child.

Teaching a proper brushing technique, proper spitting of fluoride or using fluoride free toothpaste as a great way to avoiding fluorosis.

Is Fluorosis Dangerous?

The good news is, fluorosis is not dangerous at all to your child and in no way is weakening the enamel of their teeth.

The only downside to this excess fluoride is a cosmetic one.

Tooth Decay

The second possible cause for white spots on teeth is due to tooth decay.

Unlike fluorosis, tooth decay is something that should be immediately addressed by your child’s dentist as it can have harmful effects on your child mouth.

What is Decay?

Tooth decay occurs if your child has been practicing poor oral care or due to diet deficiencies.

How is Decay Treated?

It is important to bring your child to their dentist if you believe they are suffering from tooth decay.

If addressed early, a fluoride can be applied to the teeth in order to strengthen the enamel.

Kid Dentist Beverly Chicago

If you have noticed white spots on your child’s teeth it is best for them to see a pediatric dentistry immediately.

Dr. Loretta Smith and her staff of dental professionals work hard to provide comprehensive, pediatrics dental care to the Beverly and surrounding Chicago community.

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