Kids Braces Chicago | Preparing Your Child for Braces

Has your child just been told that they need braces?

This can be a scary time for any child and they no doubt have many questions for you.

Below are some tips to help prepare your child for braces for kids braces Chicago.

Kids Braces Chicago

Prepare Them Appropriately

Your child will likely be feeling nervous energy surrounding their upcoming braces application.

It can be helpful for you to discuss the fitting process with your child or prepare them with informational pamphlets that explain the process so they know what to expect.

Anticipate the Pain

After your child’s braces are applied to their teeth they will experience some general pain as their teeth shift.

Be prepared with any dentist recommended medication to manage the pain and let your child know that it should subside within a few days.

Additionally, having soft foods available to your child can help reduce the discomfort that may come from eating solid food the few days following application or tightening of braces.

Ice cream, yogurt, rice and pasta are excellent examples of soft foods which can help your child feel more comfortable as their teeth shift.

Ask for Orthodontic Wax

Your pediatric dentist should be able to supply you with orthodontic wax in offer to help your child’s braces fit more comfortably without rubbing and irritating other areas of the mouth.

Be Positive

Braces, although uncomfortable, are the best way to realign your child’s teeth to help them feel more confident and keep their teeth straight and healthy.

When you focus on the positive end results with your child they can be optimistic about their future smile thanks to braces.

Kids Braces Chicago

If you are searching for the best dentist for your child and their braces application look no further than Dr. Loretta Smith and her staff.

Dr. Smith is a highly regarded professional who is prepared to provide expert care to your child during this stressful time.

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