Kids Dentist Chicago | Ten Tips to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

The best kid’s dentists will always take the time to discuss proper dental care with you and your children.

In the meantime, here are ten helpful tips to ensure your children learn the value of proper dental hygiene at an early age.

Kids Dentist Chicago

1.Start Flossing Early

Most dentists recommend that as soon as your child’s teeth are making contact with each other you should floss along with brushing. This usually occurs around age two or three.

2. The Two Minute Rule

Brush your children’s teeth for two minutes twice per day.

3.First Visit by First Birthday

The general rule for when to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment is by their first birthday.

4.Six Months

Have your child visit the dentist every six months to ensure proper care and development as your child’s teeth settle in.


After the age of two you should encourage your children to brush their teeth with a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste.

6.Make it Fun

A great way to encourage proper dental hygiene with your child is to use fun toothbrushes or brush your teeth with them.

7.Avoid Sugar

As your children get older you want to encourage healthy eating habits to promote good oral health.


Most dentists recommend you supervise your children’s teeth brushing up until age seven.

9.Set a Schedule

Create a schedule with your children to brush morning and evening to set them up for a future of healthy smiles.

10.Drink Water

Drinking water is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay for your children.

Kids Dentist Chicago

When it comes to the dental health of your children you should always first consult your pediatrics dentist for instructions on helping your child.

At Loretta Smith Dentistry we pride ourselves in providing excellent dental care to our pediatric patients.

Call Dr. Loretta Smith today to schedule an appointment at (773)445-7777.

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