Kids Dentist West Chicago

One of the most impactful people in a child’s life can be their kids’ dentist.

West Chicago based, Dr. Loretta Smith is just an example of a dentist whose passion for pediatric dentistry changes lives every day.

Changing Lives

Every day your local kid’s dentist is setting the tone for best dental practices for children across the country.

Often times, children who have not adhered to best hygienic practices are so grateful for someone who can take away the pain and discomfort that comes from rotted or unhealthy teeth.


Cavities are the tiny issue that can cause a world of pain for your child.

In fact, cavities are the most common disease for both children and adults across the world.

This is why treating and preventing cavities is very important to ensure our children live a cavity-free life.

Why Fluoride Matters

Fluoride is perhaps the most important defense against cavities available to us.

Fluoride can protect your teeth against sugar, acid and decay by strengthening your teeth.

How to Receive Fluoride

Drinking fluoride rich water is a great way to combat tooth decay.

Many cities even offer fluoride in their tap water.

You should also double check your child’s toothpaste to ensure that they are brushing with fluoridated toothpaste.

Lastly, a yearly fluoride treatment at the dentist can actually reverse young cavities and protect against new ones from starting.

Start Young

Your child’s teeth should be cared for as soon as you start to see them develop.

Similarly, you should schedule your child’s first dental visit no later than their first birthday.

Kids Dentist West Chicago

When it comes to caring for your children’s’ teeth, we understand that finding the right pediatric dentist is key.

At Loretta Smith Pediatric Dentistry, we are passionate about making the dentist a fun and informative visit for your little one.

Schedule your child’s dental visit with Dr. Smith today by calling us at (773)445-7777.

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