Pain-Free Pediatric Dentist Chicago

Pain Free Dentistry Options For Your Child

Do you have a little one who is nervous about going to the dentist?

Fear of the dentist in children is a very common occurrence. The sharp medical tools, sterile environment, white coats and face masks can be a frightening scene for any child.

It is important when selecting a dentist office for your child that you take special care to find the right fit.

What is Pain Free Pediatric Dentistry?

Pain free pediatric dentistry refers to the use of anesthesia on young patients who may be too nervous to undergo traditional anesthesia free dentistry.

Is it Safe?

Generally, the use of anesthesia practices among pediatric patients is completely safe and very effective.

While pediatric dentists are able to perform pain free dentistry on their patients it is not an easily made decision and is based on the procedure needed, the patient’s behavior/personality, and parent/guardian’s desires.

What Types of “Pain Free” Options Are Available?

There are four types of anesthesia options typically available to pediatric patients:

1) Nitrous Oxide

-“Laughing Gas”

-Child may feel giggly, goofy or silly

-Child may experience a feeling of extreme relaxation

-Child is awake/does not fall asleep

-Child experiences no pain from the procedure

 2) Mild Sedation

– Administered to child during the procedure

-Child is awake/does not fall asleep

-Child is usually able to answer questions

-Child will likely have no memory of the procedure

3) Moderate Sedation

-Child experiences a tired or sleepy feeling

-Child is able to respond to questions and commands

-Child will likely have no memory of the procedure

-Administered during procedure

4) Deep Sedation

-Administered through an IV

-Child is completely sedated

-Requires presence of an anesthesiologist and certified staff

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