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Your child will likely have many questions if they are gearing up to receive kids braces.

West Chicago dental offices such as Dr. Loretta Smith can provide a safe and comfortable environment to best prepare yourself and your child for this new life change.

 Know Your Options

Depending on your child’s dental concerns, there may be a few treatment options to choose from.

Your dentist should be able to present all of your options in order to best identify which treatment method is the best fit for your child’s individual needs.

This can present an ideal time to explain the importance of braces and to highlight the many ways that braces will benefit them in the long run.

Create Clear Expectations

Children can often become very anxious and nervous while preparing for braces.

A great way to placate these nerves is to walk through what will happen during the application of their braces.

Your dentist should be able to give you information about the visit as well as answers to common questions about the treatment for your child.

Prep Your Pantry

Stocking your pantry with soft food such as rice, pasta or ice cream is a great strategy to combat the inevitable soreness that your child’s teeth and gums will feel as their teeth begin to shift.

Foods which are chilled can be especially soothing for a sore mouth.

Ask for Wax

Speak with your dentist about orthodontic wax to address any initial irritation in the mouth as it reacts to metal brackets and wires.

Wax can be used to form a barrier to fight against any friction from the metal in their mouth.

Kids Braces West Chicago

Dr. Loretta Smith and her team of dental professionals work hard to provide comprehensive pediatric dental care for your child.

Call Dr. Smith today to schedule a consultation for your child, (773)445-7777.

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