West Chicago Dentistry | The Purpose of Dental Spacers

In order to prepare your mouth for orthodontic gear, your dentist will need to insert dental spacers.

Chicago based dentist, Dr. Loretta Smith applies spacers with expert precision in order to set your teeth up for dental success.  

What are Dental Spacers?

Dental spacers are tiny bands which are placed around the teeth in order to create space for braces or other orthodontic material.  

These spacers create mere millimeters of distance between the teeth and are ideal for application on the lower first and second molars.

Types of Spacers

Most dental offices will offer two different kinds of spacers for their patients.

Rubber spacers are ideal for patients who only need them for one to two weeks as they do tend to fall out once the space has been created.

Metal spacers are most commonly used for patients who will require them for six weeks or longer.

How Are Spacers Inserted?

When your dentist applies the spacers between your teeth you can expect to feel a second or two of mild pressure.

Once the spacers have been inserted, you may experience some irritation on your gums.

Please note, if you experience an abundance of pain or swelling it is best to contact your dentist for further instructions.

What to Avoid with Spacers

Due to the nature of spacers, you will need to alter some of your regular habits.

You will want to avoid eating sticky foods or chewing gum while the spacers are in place.

Additionally, you should refrain from flossing in between the teeth where the spacers are located as this can dislodge them.

Dental Spacers Chicago

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